Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today I am grateful for my siblings: my sisters and brothers and all my in-laws (and out-laws). They are my extended safety net.
Anne and Rick for always being there, quietly and never asking why, just seeing the need and filling it. They are the best. The best of the best.
Laura and Mike for their faith and most of all because Laura can ALWAYS make me laugh! For her inner beauty, her intelligence and her integrity.
Marti and Bubba for just being themselves and so in love.
Sissy and Dave for a shining example of a marriage enduring through separation and ongoing medical adversity with a child who is challenged both physically and mentally.
John and Rosie for their faith and friendship and laughter.
Greg and Shelly for their humor and beautiful outlook on life.
James and Mariane for their love and trust in each other. And for Mariane who is pregnant again at 38. James is 45. God Bless 'em. A baby!I love youze guys!

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Bumbleebee82 said...

::sniff, sniff:: I love my Mommy and Daddy :o) Although... I never called him Daddy, I'm sure. Yay!