Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Hughes Reunion

This weekend is the Hughes family reunion. Ellen Hughes was Hugh's paternal grandmother. The Waters and Hughes families are intermarried quite a bit. (See post 4/16/08 RE: John Edward Hughes)

Anyway we go Saturday morning (can't get him to go Friday night . . .), stay in the only hotel in Sylvania. Will get there right about lunch depending on when we get out of here. Suzanne and the babies will be there from Friday night.

There will be a low country boil at Johnny Hughes' property in Hiltonia on Saturday night. The main reunion will be Sunday at lunch at the Community Center out near the Brinson farm. Howard and Jean will be there this year, but not Jane and Mike. We'll get to see everyone we just saw at Johnny's funeral a couple of months ago.

Suzanne and the kids will be coming back to Albany for a month following the reunion. Damien is really excited about seeing his cousins and having them come and stay,

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Diet Disaster

OK. I did so well the first 10-12 weeks. I have not lost ONE POUND since then. I have a Nordic Track exercise bike in the living room. I am writing down EVERYTHING I eat. My nutritionist says I am doing everything right. This happens to me EVERY TIME! I get to a point where it does not seem to matter what I do, I just quit losing. It's like my body just says "Hey, I want to keep all this fat and you're so not getting rid of it!"

**sigh** I'm giving some serious consideration to catching Joe after church tomorrow and talking to him about Lap banding.

BONNIE Sweetie~~ I replied to your email.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Poor Ethan

Ethan is sick. He's in the EC at Lejeune Naval Hospital with a severe case of tonsillitis and dehydration. Suzanne took him in this morning to see the doc and got an antibiotic, but he got worse this afternoon so she took him back to the EC. He's getting IV fluids with an antibiotic and steroid infusion. Hopefully he'll be able to go home after he gets all that stuff.

Jessica came over to stay with Katherine while S&E were at the hospital. Bless her. She's been a good friend.


I'm working so much better inhouse, getting so much more done! But DARN, I'm snacking all the freakin' time! Gotta get a handle on that. We're supposed to produce an extra 30 charts minimum this week. The system was down for 5 hours on Monday during work hours so BAM! there goes production.

Damien is going to VBS with Em every evening. Well, almost every. He had just waked up from a nap yesterday and was cranky as a bear coming out of hibernation. I got a kit for rock painting at the book sale at work today. Em is going to take it home over the weekend and look it over. Then next week maybe she and D can do some.

End of next week is the family reunion. Suz and the kids are going to Sylvania Friday afternoon. It's a 6 hour drive for her from J'ville. We'll be going up on Saturday. Then they will be coming to stay for the month of July.

D LOVES the new big screen TV. He fights going outside to play now. Just wants to sit in front of the tube and watch movies and stuff. But Em and I had a talk and she shuts the TV down after about 2 hours. I prefer that he watch in the middle of the day when it is hottest.

The sisters have a beach weekend at San Destin scheduled in July. Just the sisters. We have invited the SILs but so far no one is coming but us. I hope (hope hope hope) that Celie can go. Gretchen is having problems with her Kuvan dosage and it takes both Celie and David to manage her when she is acting up. She DEFINITELY needs the break.

Monday, June 16, 2008

For my Bonnabee!

Like I said. Apathy has set in. I am working OT and still can't seem to get ahead. I am back in the office now working inhouse. If my Citrix is working, the VPN is freaking out. If they are both working at the same time the system is sooooooooooooo sloooooooooooow. Or Mediacom internet is down. Whatever! Getting more done now, but have no time for anything else. I got so far behind in March and April, it looks almost impossible to dig myself out alone.

Em is babysitting Day while he is not at his mommy and daddy's house this summer. They get along so well.

Uncle Hugh finally got his 52" big screen with BluRay after we sold the old house. He's as happy as a pig in slop!

Keeping up with you thru your mom and Suzanne. Love ya girl. I'll try to keep this up better.