Friday, September 12, 2008

Allen update

He's on Bactrim DS twice a day. Cullen's office told him he had to be on the antibiotic for a week before anything could be done so he has an appointment next Thursday morning.

He needs to get his Phoebe Care card so that at least the hospital will be covered, just in case Cullen can't do it in the office, which I don't think he will be able to. I haven't told Allen and Michelle that. Allen is scared enough as it is.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I've been busy

Labor Day has come and gone. Had Lisa DeMott a baby shower on the 30th. She had the baby (Milo Alexander) the morning of the 29th. Left the hospital and came to the shower. What a woman!

I hosted Marti and James' 44th birthday party on Sunday the 7th. I was going to 5:30 mass on Saturday so I would have all morning Sunday to finish preparing for the birthday party. At choir practice Laura, Ken Mohl, Mike Wise, David and I just on a lark, sang Come Worship the Lord by Talbot. David decided we needed to do it as a prelude for the 5:30 AND the 11:00 Sunday masses so I ended up not only going to mass Saturday evening but Sunday morning, and then Laura and I cantored at 11 as well.

Then I was behind the rest of the day! Anne and Rick showed up right after 12 with Rick's gas grill and set it up in the backyard. Marti and Bubba were next. They were there before I got home.

We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and chicken breasts. We made macaroni salad, cole slaw, baked beans. Celie brought chips. Laura brought ice and drinks. John came down from Atlanta and got more ice. Ice cream and cake and I had made a huge banana pudding for Bubba. Wasn't much left of that!

On a more serious note, Allen got sick a couple of days ago. I thought he might have a yeast infection in the gluteal crease, but it kept getting worse so he went to Convenient Care today. He has a pilonidal abscess and will have to have surgery. BUMMER! We told them not to worry about the expense (they don't have any health care at all), that we would help them. What else can you do? Michelle is calling Cullen Richardson's office tomorrow to make an appointment.