Thursday, July 31, 2008

Temper, Temper

I got D one of those floor rugs that you play checkers and tic-tac-toe on from Cracker Barrel. He was playing checkers with Hugh tonite but kept cheating. Then he pitched a fit when Hugh wouldn't play with him anymore. I'm going to have to talk to his therapist about this little episode. He thinks he ought to win all the time, even be allowed to cheat to do it.

I put him to bed and we said prayers. After we finished, he said they didn't count because he didn't want to do prayers tonite. I told him that it was okay to feel that way. God could see into his heart and knew that he was upset and that had he said his prayers anyway, even when he didn't want to.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Back up

We're back up and running. I have almost completed my IPEs for the day but still have to get my OT production in. Also have to take Damien shopping for school uniforms and supplies. We're just going to try things on. This weekend is tax free for school stuff so I'll just have my sizes and go in the middle of the nite.

Hugh came home for lunch and played the Wii with D for a while after he ate.

Now our major chart access system is down

IS does not know why. They are working with MedPlus trying to get it pinpointed. Still on mandatory OT. No way to work.

Suz, Jessica and kids left today. They are going to Valdosta to see Carl and Christie and spend the day at Wild Adventures. Annette and kids will be there, too. They will spend the night with C&C and leave for NC Thursday morning from Valdosta.

We had a pizza party last night so that anyone who could get here could visit a bit before they left.

I have my house back. It's quiet, even with Damien watching TV. Gotta love that Katherine. She painted her toes, feet, legs and the bedroom carpet with deep, bright red fingernail polish last night. Poor Suz. She scrubbed and scrubbed to get it out. This is the SECOND time it has happened since they came.

I have laundry piled up my bedroom wall! Have to get it caught up.

As for the rheumatoid arthritis, I can't say I'm in PAIN just pretty much ache all the time. And stiff, stiff, stiff. But the pain comes when I move wrong, especially in my rib cage. Leaning forward to get out of a chair, or just sitting down and my back settling on the chair will set me off.

There are so many people who live with so much worse pain and discomfort than this. I have to keep reminding myself.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


I don't have time to blog right now. Mandatory OT, deficient iron stores from donating blood frequently and now rheumatoid arthritis. Film at 11.

Monday, July 7, 2008

3M Update

We had a 3M update scheduled for today. 11:00 to 1:00. So I came home. Last time it took until right at 2:00 to complete the update. There is no way I was going to sit around for 2 hours waiting for the system to come back up. Right now it is 3:09 and we're still waiting. AND we're on mandatory overtime. Which means we have lost at least 4 hours of prime worktime.

Does anyone see the irony here? At least I've done a couple of loads of laundry.