Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day and various comments

I guess Mother's Day was all right. Hugh didn't feel well, but insisted on going out to eat. We rushed thru the meal, took half of it home. I went to bed and took a nap while he went to the office.

I have been hungry, depressed, irritable, frustrated, downright bitchy for about a week. Apathy has set in.

Work is awful. Can't stay signed into the system. I get kicked out. When I can stay signed in, I cannot get into the coding module. Right now I've been trying to work for well over an hour and haven't been able to do anything at all. And I don't get paid if I don't work. I am so tired of having to use vacation time to make up 40 hours because my programming doesn't work. I can't leave and do anything else because I have to be here to talk to the IS people when they need me, and then I have to work long hours at night just to try to catch up. Something here does not seem right. I can't even to into the office and work because I have to be here for IS. I am working 10 hours or more to get paid for 8.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Picked D up from school this afternoon and he was singing about Cinco de Mayo. They saw a film about the holiday in school and he had to tell me all about it. Most of what he remembered was that Cinco was Spanish for five, de means of and Mayo stands for May. "Cinco. De. Mayo. Cinco de Mayo, Gigi! It means the 5th of May, get it?? I'm cinco. I'm FIVE."

His attitude is much, much better than it has been. He's not throwing as many tantrums or having as many emotional outbursts. He seems to be much calmer. He stayed with his parents Friday afternoon until 7:45, then didn't go back until Sunday afternoon.

We finally got a contract on the old house. It's been 8 months but I understand that is average. Can't wait to be out from under two mortgages!